What our clients say about Grace House:

Grace House has given me the will, desire and the motivation to change my life instead of taking it for granted and throwing it away.
Grace House has given me a chance at a better life, to be a member of society and not a burden to society.
Grace House has helped me become more independent. Everyone is encouraging.
Grace House has given me hope in a world that seemed hopeless.
Grace House has given me a safe, caring and supportive place to learn and achieve new positive, healthy and productive ways of coping with life.

A's Story – as presented at a United Way fundraising event:

This young man was referred to Grace House by a psychiatric social worker after spending three months in a psychiatric unit at Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital. He had a long history of mental illness dating back to his early teens. The impact of his disease on his family was such that he left home at a young age. After a myriad of unsuccessful jobs he ended up in Oakville living in basement apartments or friends' houses, none of which were appropriate. Grace House provided the structure and routine that he needed and with medication he was able to stabilize his mental state. At this point he was considered permanently unemployable and was placed on a disability pension. He spent his time doing volunteer work, oddly enough, work with agencies supported by the United Way. One thing led to another and he found casual work with the physically challenged. He enjoyed it so much he took a course in nursing and graduated with honors and is now working in the health-care field.

“He left Grace House and was considered a success.”

“All of the residents of Grace House strive toward independent living during their stay so as to ensure success when they leave.”

“The young man I am alluding to in this case history is myself and I believe my stay at Grace House contributed greatly to my independence and skills to live a fullfilling life.”

P's Story – as reported in the Oakville Beaver:

For P..., age 25, life before Grace House meant frequent stays at the hospital.

P... suffers from schizo-affective disorder – a mixture of manic depression and schizophrenia. This three-year illness has caused her to have two psychotic depresssions where she heard voices and had delusions.

“I still have to deal with these on a day to day basis – medication helps me deal with them,” said P....

P... came to Grace House . . . after stays at the hospital and another group home. She feels being here has helped her immensely.

“The staff are really supportive. I've been really low a few times and the staff has helped me by just talking. When I lived with my parents, I had to go to the hospital more. Judging by the way I feel some days, I would have had to go to the hospital if it weren't for the staff,” said P....

With an English degree from McMaster University, she is looking towards heading back to school. . . . Things are working well for P... at Grace House and she hopes to achieve her independence.

“Since I became ill, I have become more dependent on my parents, and I need to increase my independence,” said P.... “Being here is helping me do that.”

[P... is now a published writer.]

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