GRACEHOUSE is an inspiration from God to set the hearts of men on fire for God and with the passion for fulfilment of their Divine Purpose and Destiny in all ramifications on the earth.

More About Us

Given to Deep Insight into God’s Word, and a strong emphasis on an active Prayer life, GRACEHOUSE brings the Spirit dimension into different streams of expressions such as Prayer Konnect, Sunday Sunday Gym, Prayer Rain, Rays of Hope, Fire On My Altar, Worship and Wonders, Praise Cover…

Our Vision

To raise men into their prophetic destinies and fullest capacities as Apostles in the market place, prophetic voices, wisdom navigators, preachers, anointed minstrels, inventors, pathfinders, and much more to take over all the nations of the world.

Our Mission

Given to deep insights into God’s Words, and a strong emphasis on an active prayer life, we bring our Vision into fruition.

Streams Of Expressions

Praise Cover

Oh how we love to read about what God does in our midst. Kindly share with us here your praise reports. As you share, people are edified, your testimony becomes permanent and God is glorified.

Prayer Konnect

Prayer Konnect is designed to help us implant prophetic seeds, dislodge destiny interference and release prayer bullets as regards our destinies in God, and on earth, using the wisdom of Scriptures, and the language of the Spirit. Talk about audacity, authority and prophetic proclamations as seen in 1Kings 17:1 …”there would be no rain except at my word”, prophetic revelations and insight (1Kings 18:44), spiritual warfare (1Tim 1;18; Eph 6:12) this is it!

Sunday Gym

Sunday Sunday gym – 60 minutes praying in the spirit as a spiritual exercise. Join the train!
Benefits include, but not limited to Edification, Illumination, Empowerment, Direction, Charging up, Alignment, Refreshening, Mental alertness, Rejuvenation, Open Doors, Prophecy etc. (1Cor 4:2-4 & 14 -15)

Rays Of Hope

Your day isn’t over until you are inspired. This podcast will spur you on and cause you to dream again. Surely, there’s light at the end of your tunnel.

Worship & Wonders

In the atmosphere of worship, anything is possible.

Fire On My Altar

The true posture of the end time believer is a heart that remains on fire for God and earnestly sensitive to His promptings. God’s idea is to keep rekindling us every now and then. No matter the situation of things whether it’s a dead dry bones, a broken reed or a flickering candle; everyone’s got a chance (Isaiah 42:3). Leviticus 6:13 – The fire on the altar must keep burning upon the altar continually. It must never go out.

Prayer Rain

There’s something about extended prayers. Prayer Rain features as an extended prayer cycle in the months of January, May and November annually. We pray and pray through. Don’t be left out! Luke 18:1 “Then He spoke a parable to them, that men always ought to pray and not lose heart”.